for Föreningen G-gruppen - Genealogy across the Baltic Sea

Adopted on December 14th 2000 as amended on February 26th 2004, February 20th 2007, February 21st 2009, February 26th 2011, April 25th 2015, April 23rd 2016 and April 15th 2018.

§ 1The name of the association is Föreningen G-gruppen - Genealogy over the Baltic Sea. The name is shortened to Föreningen G-gruppen. The association is based in Stockholm.

§ 2The association, which is an non-profit association, has the purpose of promoting genealogy related to migration and family relations across the Baltic Sea.

§ 3Any physical person who wishes to promote these purposes is welcome as a member of the association. Members has to pay the fee decided by the annual meeting, unless the board decides otherwise.

A member may be excluded from the association by the board with immediate effect if a member violates the statutes of the association or opposes the association's activities and purposes or obviously harms the association's interests and reputation.

Decisions regarding exclusion may not be taken before the member has been given an opportunity to comment on the reasons for a possible exclusion within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Association Board informed the member by email of the reason for the consideration.

Definitive decision shall be communicated to the member no later than fourteen (14) days after the member had an opportunity to comment on the matter.

The board's decision on exclusion may be appealed by the member to the next ordinary Annual General Meeting. In such case, a Member shall notify the Board of Directors no later than twenty (21) days after the decision to appeal against the decision stating the reasons.

The Board of Directors shall then view the appeal under section 12 on the agenda at the next Annual General Meeting as a separate item.

The decision of the Annual General Meeting can not be appealed.

§ 4The association's activities are exercised through

     -   the annual meeting, which is the association's highest decision-making body,
     -   the board, which is the governing body of the association,
     -   the management team, which is the executive body of the association.

The board safeguards the interests of the association and also operates through the management team. The members appointed by the board in the management group are responsible to the board of directors fot the diffrent work areas and project groups. The term of office for the members of the management team is until further notice.

§ 5The association's board consists of a chairman and at least two members. All regular members are elected for two years - at the first election opportunity, half is chosen for one year.
The chairman and substitues are elected for one year.
The Board appoints a vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and other officers.
Substitues enters in the absence of a regular member as decided by the annual meeting.

§ 6The Board, which meets at the chairman's notice, is decisive if at least half the number of the board members including the chairman or vice chairman participates in the meeting. If the same number of votes is cast, the chairman of the meeting has a casting vote. A member of the management team may be added, as necessary, for a board meeting. But without voting rights.

§ 7The association's fiscal year coincides with the calendar year. Accounts, minutes and the annual report shall be submitted to the auditors no later than three weeks before the annual meeting

§ 8The annual meeting is held annually no later than April. Extra member meetings are held when the board or the auditors or at least one fifth of the members demand it. The annual meeting is deemed to be competent advertised if the board has determined and on The association's website and discussion list announced the day of the annual meeting no later than January.
Extra members' meetings are deemed to be the authorized if the board has determined and on the association's website and discussion list announced the day for the extra member meeting no later than two months before the date of meeting

The ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the association can be conducted in a virtual manner.

A member may vote in advance through the association's pre-voting program. Pre-voting can take place at the earliest four weeks and no later than three days before the annual meeting or extra meeting. In pre-voting, the registered e-mail address at the association is given as the username and the personal member number as the password.

Only member who has paid membership fee for the year is entitled to participate in voting at the annual meeting, extra meeting or pre-voting. A member who has pre-voted is entitled at attending a annual meeting or extra member meeting and there change his previous virtual pre-voting vote.

The results of the referendum shall be notified to the nomination committee in writing no later than twenty four hours before the annual meeting or the extra meeting commences.

§ 9At the Annual General Meeting, the following matters shall be present:
  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Election of chairman to conduct negotiations.
  3. Election of meeting secretary.
  4. Election of two adjudicators, including voting counselors, together with the chairman to adjust the meeting minutes.
  5. Determination of agenda.
  6. Ask if the meeting has been duly announced.
  7. Board of Directors' report.
  8. Auditors' story.
  9. Issue of discharge of the Board.
  10. Determination of membership fee.
  11. Establishment of business plan and budget.
  12. Processing of proposals submitted to the annual meeting.
  13. Election of Chairman.
  14. Determination of the number of Board members and alternates.
  15. Election of Board members and alternates, as well as the order of replacement of the alternates in the ordinary place.
  16. Election of auditors and substitutes for these.
  17. Election of moderator to count vots for pre-voting. The mandate date for this moderator is lasting.
  18. Determination of the number of members of the Nomination Committee.
  19. Election of election committee and its convening party.
  20. Other matters.
  21. Closure of the meeting.
§ 10Motions and proposals for the annual meeting shall be submitted to the Board in writing no later than one month after the annual meeting in accordance with Section 8, first paragraph, is announced.

§ 11Notice and agenda for annual meeting or extraordinary meeting and meeting documents including proposals from the nomination committee shall be made available to members at the Association's website no later than four weeks before the annual meeting

§ 12At extra annual meetings, only cases mentioned in the notice may be presented.

§ 13Elections are made with closed notes if so asked for. At the same number of votes, decision is made by lottery. In other matters, the chairman has the casting vote.

§ 14Amendments to or additions to these statutes shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting. For decision of changes there has to be at least a two thirds of votes cast, including virtual early votes.

§ 15In order to dissolve the association, decisions are taken at a regular annual meeting and a subsequent additional membership meeting with at least a total of three quarters of the votes cast. Said extra member meeting may not take place until three months after the first decision.

§ 16In the event of dissolution of the association, its intangible assets and collections shall be handed over to a association with an interest in migration research. Ev. Existing funds are disposed of according to the final meeting decision.

These statutes have been drawn up in Swedish, German and in English. In case of dispute the Swedish version applies.

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